Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I'm somewhat involved with PAD this year (Poem A Day through Writer's Digest), and by somewhat, I mean I have the first three prompts done, out of 14 posted. Yes, I'm bit behind. Nothing unusual. The catch up game is terribly familiar and I've learned to be pretty good at it.

Anyway, the day 3 prompt is Triangle.

Here it is, and the story behind it follows.

Although originally meant to be song lyrics for a novel in progress, it took another turn last night and this morning after a minor panic attack yesterday. So, a double entendre here. It refers to a memory of a person, but also to a panic attack, using personification.

The beauty of writing it out is that as I wrote, I realized why I work so hard at not being too easily excited. Excitement means extra adrenaline. Extra adrenaline tends to lead to panic attacks. It's not great poetry. It doesn't have to be. It's about the expression, the release, the self-exploration.

Are you journaling yet? You can't find the light until you acknowledge the dark. Write it out and keep climbing. <3 

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