Thursday, June 13, 2013

Indie Review: Candlepower by Janet Doolaege


Candlepower is a subtle literary mystery that is truly unputdownable.

Beautifully written, it tells the story of Stella who lives on her own in a compact Paris apartment and her friendship with Rose, a neighbour with what appears to be strange paranormal powers, and dark-eyed Olivier with whom Stella falls in love.

There is a strange sense of imminence and fragility in this triangle of friendship - a fragility which carries through to so many other aspects: Stella's awkward relationship with her family, Rose's extraordinary affinity with birds but inability to be near anything electrical, Oliver's misunderstanding of both women's feelings, and how we impact nature when we force our lives and community on spaces that other creatures share.

If you'd like something different, delicate, intriguing and engrossing, then 'Candlepower' comes highly recommended.
(Note: this review originally posted on Goodreads)
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Malla Duncan is an indie author who writes women’s suspense thrillers. She often reviews on Goodreads.

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  1. Sounds amazing! This book is on my TBR list, and I can't wait to read it after this review. Thank you for posting this :)