Thursday, June 13, 2013

Indie Review: Paradise Squandered by Alex Stefansson


Paradise Squandered by Alex Stefansson focuses on the angst of a recent high school graduate trying to decide his future, the end of his relationship with his girlfriend, and a journey to normalcy.

While the grammar and punctuation are all correct, it brings to mind a Seinfeld episode if Jerry were the only actor. The book at times seems overly descriptive with people and specific items, and at other times there is more need of explanation, such as the purpose of the volcano.

I did love the setting and the way it began. I especially enjoyed the witty grandmother and wish I could have spent more time interacting with her and tweaking the nose of the aunt. I could relate to the main character as I am sure many can because we have all been through something similar.

All in all, Paradise Squandered was a good read that left me wanting more. It could be an amazing story if it was condensed down to maybe 5 chapters and then expanded.

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