Thursday, June 13, 2013

Indie Review: Unexpected Legacy by Darlene Deluca

UnexpectedLegacy-DarlenDelucaUnexpected Legacy tells the story of Matt Dalton, the sudden parent of a sixteen year old boy, his son Brady who has recently been injured in a car accident, and single and beleaguered high school principal Kate Austen. Shifting POV between the three, with an occasional aside from Matt’s family, this is a fun and serious story of relationship building, mending mistakes, forgiveness, career balancing, and trust.

Somewhat of a cross between mainstream romance, YA, and coming of age, the story includes plenty of cultural issues set around high school with the constant struggle between sports and arts and the common argument for and against funding for each, as well as misconceptions of both.

At times, I found Kate a little naïve for a high school principal with her lack of understanding both students and parents, and there was some repetition in her constant refusal to try to balance career and personal life that felt a little too forced. I also would have liked to see more real growth in the relationship between Matt and Brady because it felt too easy for the circumstances.

That said, I truly enjoyed the read and especially Matt’s well-drawn character, and I loved the excursion into Brady’s recovery. Overall, a well recommended read.
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