Thoughts & Sketches: The Journals

Each of the arts has the power to heal, rejuvenate, and inspire.

Author LK Hunsaker is also an artist and has been drawing longer than she's been writing. She was fortunate to have artists in the family to assist in technique and fuel her creative passion through her early years. On top of that, there were four years of high school art plus an art minor in college, with emphasis in art therapy.

While watching the adult color book market take off, Hunsaker decided to add her own personal growth spin to the interest in self-soothing with color and images. The result: a journal with prompts meant to increase self-awareness and bring positive out of the negative, plus coloring pages, full page and half, some complete, others open-ended, and empty pages to let the imagination free. Use them for sketching, doodling, free writing, or even to tape in inspirational images.

The first Thoughts & Sketches color/write/sketch journal came from her love of nature. The Gates & Gardens edition includes garden gates, flora and fauna, and a few critters. They are available in three sizes:

200 page 8.5x11 spiral bound full edition
100 page 8.5x11 perfect bound edition (few blank pages)
64 page pocket edition (no blank pages)

These are grown up versions of children's color books, less intricate and time-intensive than many of those on the market, more realist than abstract, more suited to playing with highlights and shading, and allowing space to add to the images before or while coloring, or write around and within the images anything that comes to mind. They are great for relaxation and personal exploration.

More Thoughts & Sketches journals will follow with different themes.

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