Write the Light In

Elucidate is about light: revealing the light, making things clear, opening minds and hearts, and creating light in dark tunnels. Following will be a list of blog posts by our authors and guests expanding on that theme.

A big focus will be on personal journaling. Writing your thoughts is wonderful therapy. Words are powerful. Novelists know how scary it can be to write what's inside and share it with others. They also know how cleansing it can be. Have a diary? If not, consider it. No one has to see it. Keep it in a lock box if you'd rather. Or write an anonymous blog. Be aware there are plenty of snarky people out there you'll have to brush off if you allow comments, so if you can't brush that off, keep it closed to comments or keep it private.

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NEW! A journal series combining writing/coloring/sketching along with prompts - a Write The Light In project by author LK Hunsaker: Thoughts & Sketches

A list of blog posts focused on Writing the Light In to your life.
Words Are Powerful (intro post) by LK Hunsaker
Writing the Journey Within by Author Malla Duncan
One Healing Center by Poet Catherine Moore
How Writing Saves Me by Author Andra Marquardt


[Note: Author LK Hunsaker, owner of EP, has a bachelor's degree in psychology but she is not a therapist and has no intention of providing therapy services on this site or otherwise. This is meant only as encouragement. Neither blog owner nor any guest on the site hold any liability for the way you use any presented information.]


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